Mobile in-store engagement

In-store mobile connectEngaging consumers on a mobile app within your store or area has never been more enjoyable, easy and effective. With a customer’s permission (opt-in) and the downloading of your business’s app, you can communicate directly onto their smartphone screens while they are in your aisles.

If done right, this not only improves their experience, but also increases their purchase basket and your share of wallet. Footfall and conversion rates are greatly improved as well by offering a rewards-based incentive for repeat shopping. This in turn increases peel-off rates, share of wallet and basket size.

What’s more, it’s measurable, and you’re able to add a new engagement message and track its success over time, with exact results. This way, “Jerseys at 20% off in Aisle 7” can be sent to those who enter the store, and the amount of shoppers that received the message can be compared to those who went over to the jerseys.

Have a look at our two products, PerkDetect and Perk BLE.

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Perk offers retailers, malls, airports and many other types of clients a way to engage shoppers on their phones, while in-store. We also offer mobile tracking and analytics to improve operations, marketing, events and leasing.

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