We value anyones privacy as much as we do our own as people. People are rightly concerned about how our technology impacts their privacy so we think it only right that we spell out simply and clearly the facts about our technology.

Mobile tracking

We absolutely cannot identify you – all we know is that, for instance, there are 25,000 mobile devices in a certain area today. We absolutely cannot see and do not collect any personal data from your phone. We do not share information with your network provider. And lastly, you will be aware of our technology if it is being used. Our installations in shops, malls, sporting venues and so on, are clearly visible, labeled with logo and website address.

Tracking mobiles in the way Perk or our partners does is totally anonymous and legal, and no personal information is ever captured or stored. In fact, we even “hash” the data we capture to further depersonalize it before it is stored. All we see is something like a dot on a map, and our clients are not even interested in a single dot, but rather in the aggregated behaviour and movements of many dots. These analytics are what power business decisions to improve your shopping experience.

Mobile engagement

When we enable our clients to engage, for example, shoppers in-store on their mobiles, this is only ever done after the shopper has given permission to be engaged. If someone does not wish to be engaged, an opt-out option is available.

Perk does not collect personal data in any way. The only time we or our clients will engage you is once you have agreed to it. Without this permission, we have no way of knowing who you are or anything about you.

For any queries, please write to us via a message through our contact page.

What we do

Perk offers retailers, malls, airports and many other types of clients a way to engage shoppers on their phones, while in-store. We also offer mobile tracking and analytics to improve operations, marketing, events and leasing.

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