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Mobile tracking while instore
Mobile tracking is a phenomenal way to view what is going on in your store or area. Retailers, for example, can see how people flow and dwell in their shop and improve the layout for a better customer experience. Malls can change the way they direct people, how they advertise, they can choose better events and much more. In short, mobile tracking assists managers to make excellent operational decisions, directly impacting profitability.

Tracking mobiles in the way Perk does is totally anonymous and legal, and no personal information is ever captured or stored. In fact, without someone’s explicit permission, we have no way of knowing who or what a cellphone belongs to, and cannot identify anyone, ever. All we see is a dot on a map, and we’re not even interested in a single dot, but rather in the aggregated behaviour and movements of many dots. These analytics are what powers business decisions.

Perk’s two products are PerkView (using the Wi-Fi band) and Perk Path (using the GSM band). Click through and have a look at how each works and what they can do for you to better understand and improve your business offering.

What we do

Perk offers retailers, malls, airports and many other types of clients a way to engage shoppers on their phones, while in-store. We also offer mobile tracking and analytics to improve operations, marketing, events and leasing.

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